Isotonic Drinks, the Right Friend When Exercising

Mineral water is commonly consumed to replace fluids that come out of the body when exercising. However, to maintain electrolyte balance in the body after exercise, isotonic drinks can be an option. When on the move or exercising with a fairly heavy intensity, the body's electrolyte fluid can be reduced. Isotonic drinks can help the body maintain electrolyte balance which is important for daily activities. Know the Benefits of Isotonic Drinks In general, isotonic drinks are developed to replace electrolyte fluids and energy lost during activity. These drinks usually contain minerals, calcium, magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium, and carbohydrates (sugars) which are the source of energy. Isotonic drinks are one type of beverage that is consumed after exercising. This drink has a concentration of sugar and salt similar to fluids in the body. Therefore, isotonic drinks can replace lost body fluids quickly. In addition to replacing electrolyte fluids, consuming isotonic drin
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